A very common problem among Android users is the availability of storage space. It is quite recurrent to see users of the Google operating system delete applications and files to try to install others. This is really annoying for the user experience, however, there is a way to avoid getting rid of apps and files that we want to delete. It is about taking care of the cache memory, a storage area with data that we can do without and that usually takes up a lot of space.

Although there are many applications that promise to completely clean this area, it is best to do it from the native Android options and here we will show you how.

Free up space from cache

Cache memory refers to a series of data stored by the system with the purpose of speeding up the loading processes of web pages and applications. In this sense, if you frequently enter TekCrispy, it is likely that the logo and certain visual elements of the page will be stored in the cache memory of your browser to load it faster. However, the speed of the connections in our days, sometimes makes the function of the cache memory really imperceptible, so we can do without this data to free up space.

As mentioned previously, the best method to free the cache memory is offered by the native Android options, since, with the use of applications, we could end up obtaining annoying advertising and giving access permissions to third-party apps.

To achieve this, it is only a matter of going to the “Applications” section in the Android settings area and selecting one from the list. Once inside, you will find the “Cache” option and you will only have to touch “Clear data” to delete the stored data.

Generally, applications like Chrome, Instagram and Facebook tend to accumulate a lot of cached data, so we recommend starting there.

In this way, you will not need to install third-party apps to free up space, or get rid of applications and files to install new ones.


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