Technology has advanced from operating systems for computers and smartphones, to household appliances, to provide them with functions and integrate them with an entire intelligent ecosystem. This is how, for example, we can find televisions powered by the Android TV operating system that opens up a world of possibilities for this type of equipment, such as managing multimedia files and applications. Bringing files to televisions involves the use of removable memories and flash drives, however, today we will show you a much better alternative.

It is about the possibility of using the WiFi network to send files to televisions with Android TV and to achieve this, we only have to use an application called Send Files to TV.

Send any file to your Android TV

Android TV technology can be incorporated in smart televisions and also in Box devices that help power conventional televisions. The great advantage of this system is the possibility of playing multimedia files and running applications from the television, as if it were a smartphone. Although these files must be copied through a USB stick or removable memory, Send Files To TV offers a much simpler and faster mechanism.

We can see this application as a version for smart televisions of all those that we have recommended to transfer data between the computer and the smartphone.

To take advantage of this possibility, it will be necessary to previously download a file manager and install it on the TV. This will allow you to access all the data that you send later with Send Files To TV.

Once the file manager is installed, also install Send Files To TV, then launch it and make sure that both the TV and the smartphone are connected to the same network. Then install the application also on your smartphone and it will immediately detect the Android TV system for file sharing.

You can send applications, photos, videos, music and even documents through this application and view them on the television in a simple and free way.

To prove it, follow this link.


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