How many times have you accidentally touched the screen while watching a movie, video, or just listening to music? This situation is more common than we think and it is extremely annoying the interruption due to a small accident when you accidentally touch the screen. Taking into account that the smartphone is part of our tools for distraction and consumption of multimedia material, we require some mechanism to solve this situation. Therefore, we want to present you a little trick that you can use when you watch Netflix from your smartphone to avoid accidental touches on the screen.

It is an option that incorporates the application that will allow you to lock the screen in order to prevent any interruption when accidentally touching it.

Lock the screen to watch Netflix

Netflix as a platform for movies and series in streaming has captured a wide sector of users, taking advantage of the fact that even its Android client comes pre-installed on many devices. In this sense, the service is easily accessible on smartphones, so watching movies and series from the device is quite common. However, it is annoying that accidental touches of the screen end up interrupting our experience and therefore we will present you with an option that incorporates the app for these purposes.

This is the “Lock Screen” option and accessing it is really easy, so to start, you must go to Netflix and search for the content you want to see.

Once the playback starts, a series of controls will be shown in the lower part and the one located in the lower left is precisely “Lock the screen”.

By enabling this option, the possibility of changing the language or activating the subtitles will also be blocked, so you must do it beforehand. The screen will only be available to receive the instruction to disable the lock, by tapping the option again.

In this way, you can avoid interruptions by accidentally touching the screen, allowing you to enjoy the content you want without problems.


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