Messaging-oriented applications have taken on a very important value, especially in the communications of products, services and companies. At the moment, the WhatsApp platform is more than known as a means of contacting companies and they have even created WhatsApp Business with functions for the workplace. Likewise, Telegram is presented as an alternative that is increasingly taking center stage with all the functions and features available.

In this sense, we want to present you with a couple of applications that can work for you if you are receiving many messages in your personal accounts that you cannot stop responding to. We are talking about a couple of apps that will help you to program automatic responses for WhatsApp and Telegram.

AutoResponder for Telegram

Telegram has many very interesting options that are worth taking advantage of for any communication process, whether it is to serve customers, answer questions or anything else. AutoResponder for Telegram is a plugin that works really well, allowing everything related to message scheduling and automatic responses.

In that sense, you will have the possibility to define those messages to which you want to respond without intervention and for this, you will only have to enter it and configure it so that the app takes it exactly as you entered it or that it also recognizes similar messages. Likewise, you can define welcome messages and even add variables to respond according to the context.

To prove it, follow this link.

AutoResponder for WhatsApp

From the same creators of the app for Telegram, we have available the application aimed at automatic responses on WhatsApp. Although this is something that we can achieve through WhatsApp Business, it will not be necessary to create a business account with the installation of this app.

In this way, you can configure automatic responses on WhatsApp from your personal account, allowing the app to reply to messages exactly the same as the ones you define or similar. Likewise, you can define welcome messages, replacement of variables such as location, time or name according to the context and also customize the responses according to the contact.

To prove it, follow this link.


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