From the moment PlayStation 5 was announced last week, PS5 is in the news. First, it made the news because of its design, its user interface, and special editions. And now, once again, PlayStation 5 has been in the news for its pricing details. The PS5 price was reportedly leaked through the Amazon listing.

A list of e-commerce websites has a price and release date for PlayStation 5. A well-known informant has posted a tweet that Amazon France has listed PS5 with its price tag. The price is EUR 499 (around Rs.42,700), but the list was soon removed. The tipster tool takes a screenshot of the price before it was removed.

Ben Geskin shared a screenshot from the Amazon listing showing the price of the PlayStation 5 that has yet to be released. You can see the previous tweet that shows that the price of the console with a disk drive will be 499 euros and it will launch on November 20. Also, the digital edition of PS5 will cost 399 euros (around Rs.34,200).

The PlayStation 5 list is removed, so it shows “Currently not available”. Since the news is unconfirmed, the price and release date should not be considered.

The launch of PlayStation 5 is scheduled for “vacation 2020”, which would be around the end of November or December. However, the leaked date is November 20 on Amazon’s list, but we don’t know if this news is true or not.

Last week, the design of the console. Playstation 5 was revealed.


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