The COVID-19 pandemic and its quarantine have awakened a much needed sense of collaboration and solidarity among society in these times. We are in times when many people need help for things as simple as making a purchase or taking care of the garden and considering that many services have stopped working, we could give a little help to a neighbor. At least this is what an application that has been released recently and that seeks to encourage that collaborative sense among the neighbors proposes.

His name is Neiborhu and his role is to connect the inhabitants of a community in order to offer or offer favors to whoever needs it.

An app to help or ask for help

The compulsory closure of many service companies, as well as the process of quarantine in people, has left many people homeless for many activities. For example, as older adults are the population most at risk, it is not recommended that they go out to obtain any product. Likewise, there are hundreds of people who live alone and only need to talk to someone else to cope with the confinement. There are many situations that people go through at the moment and therefore Neiborhu presents itself as a great alternative solution.

This app will be based on your location to establish a connection with your neighbors in the area, allowing you to meet the first goal proposed by this app: to get to know your neighbors better. In addition, it is possible to create thematic groups, oriented to the activities you want, where people can join to talk, request help or provide it.

In this way, we are talking about an application that seeks community integration, functioning as a communications center that will allow everything from publishing the services or favors that we can provide, to discussing matters of community interest.

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