TrueCaller has always been known for its effective caller identification and spam blocking features. The application is now used by more than 250 million users around the world. It allows you to manage all your calls and messages quickly by filtering out spammers, telemarketers, and other unwanted disturbances.

In addition to caller ID, TrueCaller also offers many smart messaging features. For example, you can use TrueCaller as your default SMS application for sending and receiving text messages. You can even chat with your friends and family in group chat, use flash messaging for urgent messages, and more.

Although it’s the most popular crowd-sourced caller ID software right now, it’s not without its flaws. TrueCaller raises some serious security and privacy issues as you upload your entire contact list, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, and even GPS information, to your server.

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Steps to deactivate TrueCaller account and unlist your phone number

According to TrueCaller, it collects all that information to identify callers. However, at the same time, it could be a privacy nightmare for people who did not sign up for the app.

So if you don’t want to use TrueCaller and want to unlist your phone number from the app, then you need to follow the steps below. Below, we’ve shared a detailed guide on how to deactivate your account and ask TrueCaller to delete your phone number. Let’s take a look.

Step 1. First of all, open TrueCaller on your Android device. Now touch the three horizontal lines As shown below.

Step 2. From the list of options, touch the ‘Settings.’

Tap on the 'Settings'.

Step 3. On the Settings page, tap the “Privacy Center” option.

tap on the 'Privacy Center'

Step 4. In the Privacy Center, tap the ‘Deactivate’ option.

tap the 'Disable' option

Step 5. You will now be asked to confirm the action. Just confirm it and the account will be deactivated.

Step 6. To remove your phone number from the TrueCaller database, you need to open this Link from any web browser.

Step 7. In the Web page, enter your phone number with the correct country code. Solve the Captcha and click the “Remove phone number from list” button.

Step 8. On the next page, you must confirm your action. Be sure to click the “Disincorporate” option.

click on the 'Unlist' option

That’s it! TrueCaller will delete your phone number in 24 hours.

So this article is about how to deactivate and unlist your TrueCaller phone number. I hope this article has helped you! Share it with your friends too. If you have any questions regarding this, please let us know in the comment box below.


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