If you have a Xiaomi device, you may know that the company frequently brings amazing live wallpapers to its devices. If we are mainly talking about MIUI 12, it includes several impressive live wallpapers, and the company keeps adding more options with each update.

This time, the company has released two new live wallpapers called Snow Mountain and Geometry. Of these two, Snow Mountain is receiving great recognition. At techviral, we have already shared many articles on wallpaper ports that allow you to use MIUI exclusive wallpapers on non-Xiaomi devices.

This time, developer Linuxct hs develops another port of MIUI 12 super wallpapers that contains two new wallpapers: Geometry and Snow Mountain. The port allows users to use the latest MIUI 12 exclusive wallpapers on any Android smartphone.

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Download MIUI 12 Snow Mountain & Geometry Live Wallpaper on Android

If you are interested in trying the new wallpapers on your Android device, please follow the simple steps given below. But first, let’s see what the snow mountain wallpaper really looks like.

Step 1. First of all, visit these three links and download the wallpaper ports:

Step 2. Now install the wallpaper ports you just downloaded.

Install ports

Step 3. Now head over to the Google Play Store and Install the Google wallpapers application.

install Google Wallpapers app

Stage 4. Next, open the Google Wallpapers app on your Android device and tap the ‘Live wallpapers’

tap on the 'Live Wallpapers'

Step 5. The wallpaper ports you have installed will appear in the live wallpapers.

Wallpaper ports

Step 6. Touch the ‘Apply’ to apply the wallpaper on your Android device.

Tap the 'Apply' button

That’s! Are you ready. This is how you can download and use MIUI 12 live wallpapers on any Android device.

Snowy mountain wallpaper

Important: The new Super Wallpaper Port uses OpenGL code from the actual wallpaper. That simply means that it will only run on high-end devices. If you have a low-end device, it’s best to skip these wallpapers.

So, this article is about how to download and install MIUI 12 Snow Mountain live wallpaper on Android. I hope this article has helped you! Share it with your friends too.


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