“Farmers are the same people who wait five months to grow an eggplant,” Noah said jokingly.

New Delhi:

If American pop artist Rihanna and Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg failed by chance, American comic Trevor Noah’s now brought the world’s gaze to the ongoing farmers’ protest in India. The Daily Show host yesterday spent a little over eight minutes talking about the mass upheaval in his signature style.

After briefly mocking Christopher Columbus for losing his way into the country, Noah plunged directly into the matter in the “If you don’t know, now you know” segment of his show, saying, “In the year of global protests, they (India) are among the largest in the world. “

In recent months, thousands of farmers have hit the roads, especially those leading to the capital New Delhi, demanding the repeal of three farm laws passed by Parliament in September. The protest has only intensified in recent weeks, even erupting into violence on Republic Day.

In addition to Rihanna and Thunberg, Hollywood veteran Susan Sarandon, actors John Cusack, Amanda Cerni, singers Jay Sean, Dr. Zeus and former adult star Mia Khalifa have so far expressed their support for the farmers.

Citing various media reports with images of the protest and the continued blockade of Delhi, the Emmy-winning host said yesterday, partly in jest: “Damn it! When a hot country starts burning shit, you know it doesn’t they are playing . “

He quickly brought in Ms Thunberg, who has caused a major storm among Indian authorities in recent days with her “toolbox” tweet that police say was aimed at spreading discontent and ill will against the government. from India.

Referring to the burning of Ms Thunberg in effigy by a section of Indians who back the government, Noah joked that it would only make the young activist angrier given the “carbon emissions” of the act.

The comedian had one more joke about her and the protest before moving on to the topic at hand: the politics and economics that underpin the protest.


He began by briefly comparing the agricultural sectors of India and the United States, especially highlighting how relatively poor the protesting farmers were.

“Most Indian farmers work on a much smaller scale,” he said, comparing it to the industrial scale on which agriculture is practiced in the United States. “And that’s when the (Indian) government tried to change that when the manure hit the fan.”

The following narration from various media reports then explained the situation. He then went on to talk about the importance of farmers for everyone and especially in India where, according to him, some 600 million people are employed in agriculture.

Describing the protest, its escalation and the government crackdown it has sparked, Noah said farmers are in long-term turmoil.

To make his point, Mr. Noah said, “That’s some determination … but it doesn’t surprise me. Because no one on earth is more patient than farmers. Farmers are the same people who wait five months to grow a plant. eggplant. An eggplant! ” “


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