Zack Snyder does not stop confirming details to his fans, but the most recent one comes from the hand of one of the actors from ‘Justice League: Snyder’s Cut ’.

We are talking about Jason Momoa, who through his networks shares a first preview of the film, revealing Darkseid for the first time as his antagonist.

The best part of being Aquaman is that Zack Synder created me, so I can see all this amazing shit before anyone else. Here’s a first look at the ‘Justice League‘By Zack Snyder.

This raised the excitement of all DCEU fans, who are looking forward to the premiere of ‘Snyder’s Cut‘On the HBO Max streaming platform.

Looking at the short half-minute breakthrough, we see Gal Gadot exploring ruins and uncovering a Darkseid mural, followed by a quick scene dedicated to the ruler of Apokolips.

Although Snyder already shared some details, he is a character who never made it to the big screen and is one of the most talked about proposals by DCU fans.

So more than one will be eager for the arrival of this cut on the streaming platform and we probably won’t wait long before getting a first trailer from Warner Bros.

Let’s not forget that ‘Justice League: Snyder’s Cut‘Is already being worked on by the studio and is aiming for an official launch in mid-2021, when we will finally know the original version of its director.

Many are the rumors that exist around the tape, even mentioning that it could become an episodic format series on HBO Max, although they are only speculation until Warner Bros says otherwise.

Snyder does not stop releasing details about the project and something very curious is that Momoa mentioned the eventon of the DC FanDome in his publication, so we may not wait long before learning more about ‘Justice League: Snyder’s Cut‘.


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