In times of quarantine everything is valid and it is no secret to anyone that Fortnite is the game of the moment. However, don’t worry, we are not here to talk about a video game. Believe it or not, the news has everything to do with the premiere of a new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s long-awaited movie ‘Tenet’.

Without a doubt, the expression “in Nolan we trust” makes all the sense in the world when experiences like these are possible.

As part of its events, Fortnite released a new official trailer for the production that Nolan claims will be the salvation of movie theaters, and we are still in shock at the incredible marketing strategy behind it all.

While this was not a “surprise” – as it was announced via Fortnite’s Twitter account – we have to admit that we are still shocked at the negotiation between Warner Bros. Pictures and Epic Games to make this possible, and not because This is the most innovative thing in the world, but because the promotion team behind this film definitely shone with the proposal and the decision.

Young people fear nothing

Before we go into the trailer, we have – yes, we have – to talk about the marketing strategy behind all of this.

There are currently an endless number of social platforms, ready to load content and to spread news, however, Warner Bros. and Nolan chose Fortnite to release the highly anticipated advancement of the film that, until now, continues to maintain its release date during summer.

Fortnite not only wins users by the hundreds and generates millions a day, it has also become a kind of online community where young people – and many adults – can choose their personalized avatar and not only play with their friends, but also live a “real life” experience, such as a concert by Travis Scott during the world pandemic.

Sure, it’s not literally like watching Travis Scott, but come on, for the target Fortnite is targeting – young people ages 13 to 20 – this concert was an experience on another level.

Now, many will wonder, why would they want to release the trailer for a tape like ‘Tenet’ in a video game like Fortnite? Well, beyond the fact that the creation of Epic Games is currently the most famous “battle royale” in the world, there is a simple reason, and that is that, at the moment we are living, the youth segment is the one that is least afraid has.

Let’s see, let’s think about this together, while probably all of us who have a job, an income to pay, debts to attend to, a house to support and, probably, a family to take care of, young people between the ages of 13 and 20 are focused on a couple of things: entertaining yourself and hopefully not failing in your schools or universities.

This means that, tomorrow, when Nolan’s production opens in theaters, it is quite likely that “adults” have certain reservations about whether or not to expose themselves to public spaces, and even whether to break the social distancing in which we have been practically three months.

However, those who play Fortnite within those ages are waiting for any reason to leave their homes and have some “human” contact – of course with the necessary security measures.

So what better space than that to promote Nolan’s new action movie? Also, Fortnite is not just a game, it is a lifestyle.

Trailer to motivate

In a present where these young people are probably receiving graduation diplomas by email and are having “zoom parties”, it is definitely motivating to see something of “normality” in such a pandemic.

Yes, sure, many will think that most of those who play Fortnite will need their parents’ permission to go to the movies when the movie is released. But, who doubts the capacity of conviction and manipulation of a young person, without a doubt has not lived with any one for a long time.

It is these young people who could ignite the spark in their homes and motivate their parents to, with gloves and masks, come out of the distance to watch a movie to hang out.

Also, this is not the first time that a film premieres a trailer in Fortnite, since Lucasfilm and Disney did something similar to promote ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’; or, as Quibi recently did to announce the relaunch of ‘Punk’d’.

Be that as it may, we have to admit that the strategy was very well thought out and, although no scope numbers have been revealed so far, we believe that with the fact that everyone will be talking about it for this week, it could be considered a success. .


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