A commitment is a commitment. The decision to publish part of the World Trigger manga as a draft was made jointly by the director of Jump SQ magazine and Daisuke Ashihara.

This news was communicated to fans of World Trigger from the franchise’s Twitter account, the announcement was made on Friday, May 29. This measure will only affect, so far, chapter 197 of the manga.

Following this statement, the publisher Shueisha confirmed that Ashihara a is recovering.

The complicated life of the man behind World Trigger

Daisuke Ashihara started his career in the manga industry in Shonen Jump magazine in 2013. In 2014, after a diagnosis of cervical spondylosis (wear in the neck area of ​​the spine), he took a long break from work. Thereafter, the World Trigger post has been more than intermittent. All those comings and goings culminated in the suspension of the work in November 2016.

In October 2018 the Weekly Shonen Jump announced the return of Ashihara. For five issues, this magazine was in charge of publishing the World Trigger. He then switched to another magazine from Shueisha Publishing, Jump SQ magazine. Again, in June 2019 the manga took a break so Ashihara could recover from the complications of intestinal obstruction that arose from her recent gallbladder removal surgery.

Shueisha currently published volume 21 on December 4 of last year, volume 22 will be published on June 4 of this year. On the other hand, this manga is waiting for a new anime season to be broadcast on TV Asahi. The release date is not yet known. However, we cannot wait to find out what happens to Yūma Kuga and Osamu Mikumo. What do you think? How do you think Daisuke Ashihara will continue his story?


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